Product References

D-Sub Cable Assembly

  • D-sub 15 pin male connector to D-sub 15 pin female connector,
  • Die cast metal hoods, top entry, rubber grommet, spring latches,
  • Cable UL2464, 24AWG, 15 cores with tinned and stranded copper conductors, Aluminum mylar, copper braid with coverage rate 85%, drain wire, PVC outer jacket, OD 7.0mm.

SCSI ( 1.27mm ) Cable Assembly

  • SCSI 68 pin connectors male and female,IDC termination,
  • UL20653, 0.635mm spacing, 30AWG, twisted pairs flat cable with foil,solid, PVC insulation,
  • UL20848, 0.635mm spacing, 30AWG, solid silver plated copper, TPO insulation in yellow,
  • UL20726,0.635mm spacing, 30AWG, solid silver plated copper, FEP insulation in opaque white.

Category 5 Cable Assembly

Connector Features

  • Modular jack with 4, 6, 8, and 10 pins,
  • Contacts in phosphor bronze are precision stamped. Selective gold plating,
  • Metal shells in phosphor bronze or brass bright tin plated,
  • Insulator is made of ABS, glass reinforced. Nylon 66 for high temperature. UL94- V0 rated,
  • UL recognized.
Terminations Insulation displacement termination
Working current 1.5mA
Contact resistance <=20m ohm
Insulation resistance >=100M ohm at 500 V DC

Flat Cable Assembly

  • 2 xIDC 40 pin female connectors,
  • Flat cable UL2651, grey color,
  • Flat cable UL20462, 10 color repeated.

Coaxial Cable Assembly

Coupling Mechanisms Connector Series Application
Screwed coupling SMC, SMA, TNC, 7/16 The mechanism guarantees the most solid stationary coupling,suited for test and measurement, military and telecom applications.
Bayonet coupling BNC, BNO,BNT, SHV, MHV The bayonet connection often is chosen as coupling when it is important to have a sturdy mechanism and at the same time fast mating.
Snap-on coupling MMCX, MCX, SMB For small mechanical dimensions and high packing density. The engagement and disengagement action can be completed extremely quickly.
Slide-on coupling BMA, MMBX, SMS For high dense arrangement and easy handling.

Power and Signalling Cable Assembly

  • 4 pin power socket, 7.62mm pitch, screw termination ,
  • Universal power connector mate-N-lock type, female, crimp termination 6.35mm pitch, 6 pins ,
  • 4 x UL1015,14AWG, overall copper braid, total OD12mm .

Heavy Duty Power Cable Assembly

  • Heavy duty power connector 2 pins, 175A, crimp termination ,
  • Die cast metal hood ,
  • 2 x GB25mm2 cables with PVC tube.