Product References

USB Cable Assembly

Connector Features

  • Series A and B
  • Contacts with copper alloy are precision stamped, selective gold plating
  • Metal shells tin lead or nickel plated
  • Insulator is made of thermoplastic, glass fiber filled, UL94-V0 rated,
  • Both 1.0 and 2.0 version(faster speed) are available,
  • Hot pluggable technology,
  • UL recognized
  • Terminations
    • Crimp termination
    • Solder contacts
  • Working current
    • 1A maximum per contact not to exceed 30oC
  • Contact resistance
    • <= 30M ohm
  • Insulation resistance
    • >=100M ohm at 500V DC
  • Working temperature
    • -25oC to +85oC

Universal Serial Bus Cable

  • Rated voltage: 30 volts,
  • Reference standard: UL444, UL 13, UL1581 and USB specification,
  • Stranded tinned copper conductor, 28-20 AWG,
  • Color coded PE and PVC insulation,
  • Two PE insulated cores twisted as single pair,
  • Core cabled under aluminum mylar shield,
  • Tinned stranded copper drain wire,
  • Tinned copper wire braid shield,
  • PVC jacket.


Cable Application

  • Serial ports, parallel ports, keyboard ports, mouse ports and game ports